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Loring Air Force Base. May 1961

Location: ME, US
Date taken: May 1961
Photographer: Michael Rougier

1. B-52 being loaded with bombs by special trucks during SAC drill at Loring Air Force Base.
2. Ordnance vehicles carrying nuclear cargo to bomber's flight line during Strategic Air Command practice alert at Loring Air Force Base.
3. B-52 bomber in flight during Strategic Air Command training alert at Loring Air Force Base.
4. SAC bomber crew jumping to readiness during practice alert at Loring Air Force Base.
5. Loring Air Force Base: simulated fire during SAC practice alert.
6. Bomber crews jumping to readiness as buzzer sounds during practice alert at Loring Air Force Base.
7. B-52 uses parachute as landing brake during Strategic Air Command alert at Loring Air Force Base.
8. German shepherd trained to protect bombers at SAC Loring Air Force Base.

North American Aviation Corp., Inglewood, CA and Kansas City, Kan.

Location: California & Kansas, US
Date taken: 1942
Photographer: Alfred Palmer
1. North American Aviation factory workers completing the construction of a B-25 Mitchell bomber, Inglewood, California, United States, October 1942.
2. Another B-25 bomber rolls off the final assembly line to join other ships in the outdoor assembly area. North American Aviation Inc. Inglewood, California. October 1942
3. American workers making wiring assemblies at a junction box on the firewall of a B-25 bomber at the North American Aviation plant at Inglewood, California, United States, July 1942.
4. Engine inspector for North American Aviation at Long Beach, California. June 1942.
5. A new B-25 bomber is brought for a test hop to the flight line at the Kansas City, Kansas, plant of North American Aviation. October 1942.
6. B-25 bomber assembly hall, North American Aviation, Kansas City. October 1942.
7. B-25 bomber cowl assembly, North American Aviation, Kansas City, Kansas. October 1942